Ice Age Adventure - Movie Park, Bottrop

It was announced at the 12th Annual Thea Awards, at IAAPA 2005, that the Ice Age Dark Ride had won the outstanding achievement award in the category of “Limited Budget/Refurbishment”.

Presentation of the award, to Thinkwell Design and Production Inc., was made at the Thea Awards and Gala. March 18th, 2006, Burbank, California.

Philip Hartley was appointed, by Thinkwell Design and Production, as European Technical Director for the refurbishment of the Ice Age dark ride, formerly Looney Tunes.

Philip, working alongside PHA’s technical co-ordinator Annika Oetken, project managed the audio-visual, show action effects, special effects and lighting systems vendors, as well as having an active involvement, with the Thinkwell Design and Production Europa team, in managing the scenic and animatronic vendors.

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